Our Guarantees

Google Ads & Facebook Ads Account Management


We offer this guarantee on all but our entry level ad account management services.  When we manage your new digital advertising campaigns with our Google Ads Advertising Management services, We Guarantee that you will not pay us a single cent until we start to get you Real Results for your business.

That means you pay ZERO IN SETUP FEES and NOTHING AT ALL until you start to see real conversions from your advertising, for your business – Online Enquiries, Phone calls, Leads or Sign ups – Whatever your objective is.  

This guarantee is only for brand new digital advertising accounts, and not for pre-existing campaigns and advertising accounts.

Please note that the cost of buying advertising space on Google and Facebook (Your Google / Facebook Ads budget), is not covered by this guarantee as it is paid directly to the platform and must be paid to start advertising.

Website Design


For all new website builds and complete website redesigns, we guarantee that all work performed on your website and its content will be completed to the highest standards, as quoted in the Scope of Work.  In the unlikely case you are unsatisfied with your website design, simply inform us within 30 days of the site going live, and we will return 100% of your money. No questions asked.


Our 30 day limited warranty and post launch support ensures that your website continues to work as intended. We will remedy any website bugs or issues that prevent any part of the website in the original scope of work from working as intended, and which are notified to us within the first 30 days after the site goes live.  This warranty does not cover issues caused by third party platform integrations / APIs, updates to the WordPress environment, client browser updates or any design, content or layout changes requested after the site goes live.or all new website builds and complete website redesigns

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