Concours Pro – How the Free Trial Works

Here's How The Free Trial Works

Concours Pro has a free 21-day trial period available for the Bronze and Silver system levels.

To make the trial even more effective for you, we get you fully set up and ready to go. We set up your SMS phone numbers, import your mailing list, design your email templates, setup your website chat, configure your calendars and train your AI chatbot + more!…

All before your trial even starts.

Put simply, we get it set up and ready to use so you’re not wasting any time or energy on setup.

Phone, SMS, Email and AI usage included in your free trial:

All free trials include rental of 1x SMS enabled mobile number for free, plus $10 AUD of credit for phone, SMS, email and AI usage, after which the balance used during the free trial will be billed.

The $10 AUD free trial usage credit is equivalent to:

  • Sending 6250 emails
  • Sending 84 SMS (single segment)
  • Sending 200 Conversation AI chatbot messages
  • Generating 48000 words of AI text
  • Generating 72 AI Images
  • Receiving 7.2 hours of mobile / local phone calls

Here's the process:

  1. Enter your details below to get started on your 21-day free trial.
  2. We send you an email outlining exactly what data, account details and information we will need to get your trial set up.
  3. Collect all your data, account details and information.
  4. Enter all your non sensitive data (not login details) into our onboarding questionnaire.
  5. Book your Concours Pro onboarding call.
  6. Join your onboarding call via Google Meet.  We collect all the relevant data, account details and information.  We also ask further questions to fine tune your setup.
  7. Finalise your subscription payment that will start after your free trial.
  8. We complete your customised Concours Pro platform setup including setting up your new SMS phone numbers, reminder automations, mailing list import and chatbot training.
  9. Free trial setup is limited to ensuring all features are working as intended, and excludes additional custom automations, content creation and setup of Zapier integration. 
  10. Setup can take up to 7 days depending on how long phone number approval from our network partners takes.
  11. Start your 21 day Free trial.
  12. 21 days later, your subscription starts.
  13. Book your Concours Pro kick off call.
  14. Join your kick off video call via Google Meet.  We give you a live tour of YOUR account and answer your questions to ensure you’re off to a flying start.

Here's a summary of the data and information you need to provide:

  1. Google Account login details.
  2. Facebook / Instagram Account login details.
  3. Website admin login details.
  4. Details of calendars to be set up.
  5. Current mailing list.
  6. Phone number preferences.
  7. Business logo.
  8. Business address & contact details.
  9. Details of automated reminders to be set up.
  10. Details of primary user account to set up.
  11. Login details for personal calendar of primary user (Google / MS365).
  12. List of Business FAQs.

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