What to Expect When Starting Google Ads

It’s an exciting time, you are starting to advertise on Google!

There’s no doubt huge expectations of great returns to start rolling in any day now. While there’s every chance that will happen if your ads are well written and your offer is great, now is a good time to be aware of the realities of starting to advertise on Google.

Google remains one of the most consistently good avenues for making a positive return from your digital marketing dollar, but it won’t happen straight away…. It’s not like turning on the tap and money flows out. Like all good things there is a little waiting to do.

Once your Google Ads start running it can take some time, often anywhere from 2-6 weeks for your ads to get decent levels of exposure, and for your results to start coming in at a consistent cost. 

This is what we call the ‘Ramp-Up’ period.

The reason for this ‘Ramp Up’ is because Google Ad accounts work on a ‘Quality Score’ system, rewarding ads and accounts that have what they view as ‘Better’ ads.  This is measured by higher click through rates and better website user experiences (more time spent on your site / faster load times).

Higher quality score means reduced cost per click to your website.

New Google Ads accounts start off with no quality score, and have to earn their quality score.  This means that when starting off, your cost per click will be higher.

As you get more clicks, your quality score will go up, and your cost per click will start to come down and the average cost will stabilise.

In addition to earning your quality score, Google’s AI can take time to learn which users are most likely to engage with your ads, and in turn convert into enquiries or customers. This learning process can take even longer than usual with brand new accounts as, unlike a seasoned advertising account, we have no data for the AI to learn from… yet.

The effectiveness of Google Ads, or any digital marketing campaign for that matter is directly linked to the ability of your website to convert visitors into customers.

To maximise the effectiveness of advertising you will need to ensure your website offers are THE MOST value-packed and irresistible, and that your website is as optimised for customer experience as it can be.

As we like to say around here…

We can build you the best advertising campaigns around, and drive massive amounts of traffic to your site, but if your offer is no good…. then….

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