That's right, Attention. It's the one thing that seperates all successful websites from the rest.

Having enough attention on your website means you get enough visitors to have a constant stream of sales or customer enquiries being generated.  It means your website is doing it’s job, and creating revenue for your business.

So how do we get this attention?  The most important place to start is where the vast majority of people will also start when looking for a product or service online.  The answer is simple…. Google.

Getting your website to appear on the first page of Google for high volume, relevant searches can make or break a business in today’s digital landscape.

So how do we get your business on the first page of Google? – There are 2 ways to achieve this, and luckily for you we are highly experienced in both of them.

SEO or Google Ads?

The 2 ways to get your business on the first page of Google are Search Engine Optimisation, Otherwise known as SEO, or Digital Advertising with Google Ads.

In an ideal world your business should be doing both SEO and Google Ads to capitalise on all available opportunities.  However that might not always be possible.  So let’s dive onto the pro’s and con’s of each digital marketing option.

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Improves your websites ORGANIC Google search rankings - ie. Where your website shows up in the actual search results, not the ads at the top of the Google search results page.
  • Around 70% of all Google users will ignore the Ads and go straight for the organic search results.
  • Long term strategy, as it may take some time for search rankings, website traffic and results to improve.
  • Ideal for businesses that already have an adequate level of base revenue and require steady longer term growth of their Google presence, website traffic and bottom line.
  • Leads generated by organic search results can tend to be higher quality leads as customers have often done more research on the topic, and trust the organic results more than ads. Ie. the conversion rate is often higher for organic traffic.
  • Has longer term benefits in that organic rankings can be retained for weeks, months or even years after an SEO campaign has finished.
Best Long
Term Value

Digital Advertising

Google Ads
  • Gets your business on the absolute top of the Google search results page for searches relevant to your products and services.
  • Around 30% of all Google users will click on these ads. Less than organic search, but more than enough to have a significant impact on website traffic for most businesses.
  • Short term strategy that can see improvements in website traffic, enquiries and sales as soon as ads start to run.
  • Ideal for businesses that need more website traffic, enquiries and revenue immediately.
  • Leads generated by Google Ads can sometimes be of lower quality than from organic search as often the customers haven't done the same level of research as with organic search. Ie. The conversion rate can be lower for Google Ads.
  • Has no long term benefits because as soon as campaigns are switched off your presence in the ad section at the top of Google dissapears and only your organic search results will remain.

Not sure which option is best for your business?

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