Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Juice Digital provides comprehensive, high quality Search Engine Optimisation services.

Our 22 years of experience combined with our wholistic approach to digital marketing ensures that our clients get a complete SEO strategy design and campaign execution.

A typical campaign includes features such as on-page optimisations, written content review & optimisation, high quality backlink acquisition and content creation, website speed measurement and optimisation, continual strategy review and improvement, website conversion tracking and live campaign reporting, just to name a few.

Our SEO campaigns are an ideal marketing solution for businesses that already have an adequate level of base revenue, or short term marketing in place, and require steady longer term growth of their Google presence, website traffic and bottom line.

All our SEO packages are individually tailored to your requirements, based on our expert assessment of what is needed to improve your search rankings and deliver results for your business.   Our team has the talent and resources to deliver campaigns to suit businesses of all sizes – from local small businesses and small start-ups to nationally known brands.

Why your business needs SEO

Improved search rankings and traffic

Your website shows up in the actual search results, not the ads at the top of the Google search results page.

Long term benefits

SEO has longer term benefits in that organic rankings can be retained for weeks, months or even years after an SEO campaign has finished.

Get the lions share of Google attention

Around 70% of all Google users will ignore the Ads and go straight for the organic search results.

Higher quality leads

Leads generated by organic search results are higher quality leads as customers have often done more research on the topic, and trust the organic results more than ads.

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Why Choose Juice Digital

Highly experienced and knowledgeable in SEO knowledge, best practices, and trends

We pride ourselves on keeping ahead of the curve in terms of SEO education and trends.  Google will regularly roll out updates which can often move the goalposts for SEO and upend the current status-quo in the search rankings.  By undergoing constant education on the subject, and performing regular tests of our SEO strategies, we can keep in front of what is an incredibly fast-moving industry.

The result is that your website gets the benefits of our ongoing learning, the latest tried-and-tested strategies, and your search rankings improve.

Total transparency in our backlink building

Many of our competitors don’t show their link building activities to their clients, eventually leading to the awkward question of “What do we actually pay you for?”.   We value the trust of our clients more highly that anything else, so we deliver complete transparency in our SEO link building so that our clients see each and every month how hard we are working for them.

This transparency combined with our comprehensive live reporting dashboard allows our clients to see how our work in building backlinks to their website is translating into actual results – higher rankings, better traffic, more conversions, and more revenue.

Ethical white-hat SEO practices

We know what harms a website in Googles eyes and what benefits it.  Google will frequently penalise websites that it's algorithm detects as engaging in SEO techniques characterised by repeated link building patterns and large groups of links appearing in short timeframes.  Avoiding Google penalties is our highest priority here, so to do that, we ensure that your backlinks are built in a natural way so that your website is always seen in a positive light by Google.  Typically, this means your links are delivered in a way that means we will not create the same number of links each month.  For example, if your SEO package includes 4 backlinks a month, the in any given month we would create anywhere from 2 to 6 backlinks. 

The quantity of links created will always average out to the required monthly number in your campaign, but by doing it in this natural way, we ensure that we don’t get unwanted attention and penalties from Google for building links in a programmed or ‘Artificial’ manner.  By having all our links and content created by real, talented humans we ensure our SEO services have the ultimate ‘natural’ touch that Google loves and cannot be replicated by cheap, programmed, bot-driven link building.

High quality backlinks from genuine blog & news sites

Quality vs Quantity is the name of the game here.   Google will regularly penalise sites that it sees receiving large quantities of low-quality links, which are a common feature of lower cost SEO services.   So, to ensure your website is seen in the best light by Google we prioritise fewer high-quality links over more low-quality links.  Our backlink network includes popular, high profile blog websites, news websites and magazines. 

The old adage ‘You get what you pay for’ is never truer than with SEO. There are countless opportunities out there to do ‘cheap’ SEO, but what most people don’t realise is that ‘cheap’ SEO involves low quality backlinks that will do your rankings more harm than good.  This leaves the customer out of pocket, disappointed in the results and usually in a worse position than when they started.  Investing in High quality SEO is the best move you can ever make for the future success of your website and your businesses bottom line.

What to expect from an SEO campaign

SEO is a long-term strategy with long terms benefits, so it is not suitable for businesses in need of immediate results.  The results of an SEO campaign can often take many months to show as the backlinks we build, and their effect on your websites Google reputation takes time to accumulate.  So, we don’t recommend SEO to any businesses that are not willing to invest in it for a period of at least 1 year.  To run SEO for any smaller timeframe simply doesn’t give it enough time to show its full potential and results for your business.

Since the largest variable in any SEO campaign is the number of high-quality links that we provide monthly, our pricing is structured to reflect that.  More backlinks per month will get you to your desired goal faster, but since it’s more hours on our part to deliver your service, it’s at a higher monthly cost.  

SEO Service Features:


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of user traffic to a website from search engines.  SEO services are the implementation of a set of practices designed to improve positioning of a website in the organic search results pages of the Google search engine, to gain more traffic to that website.

There are 2 main components of an SEO campaign.

The first is On-Page SEO.  This is where we ensure the website is technically optimised to be as fast as possible, to be mobile-friendly and the written content and page descriptions are correctly optimised to include the right mix of your keywords (These are the words that people search in Google to find your website).  

The second part of an SEO campaign is the ongoing link building strategy.  This is a continual program of link building, review, and optimisation, whereby we create content on third party websites that links back to your website.  Google sees these backlinks to your website and views your site as more important, so it then prioritises you further up the rankings.  We continually review and optimise the links, content, and websites we use to build your link profile to ensure it is natural in the eyes of Google, and above all effective.

High quality backlinks are links that are built on websites that Google views as being reputable.  This reputation can be measured and compared using a variety of metrics that each calculate it slightly differently but when used together present a comprehensive picture of website reputation.  These metrics include Moz Domain Authority (DA), Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR), Semrush Authority Score or Majestic TrustFlow.   The higher a website scores on the above metrics, the higher its reputation is considered to be, and the higher ‘quality’ any backlinks from it would be.

Backlinks that are ‘contextual’ – ie. in context, are also considered to be higher quality.  For example, a tourism site doing a backlink to another tourism site will be considered contextual, whereas an automotive site linking to a tourism site will be considered less so.  Google sees other sites in your niche linking to you more beneficial than links from other random, unrelated sites.

Your link profile is the total collection of all backlinks that link back to your website from other websites.  A ‘natural’ link profile is one that grows in an organic, non-programmed way, and doesn’t present any patterns in the way that links are added that would indicate links are being created in an artificial manner (ie. Being created in bulk at one time or by programmed bots.)

Local Citations are backlinks created from directory websites, or other website that allow a profile page and include a backlink, most often local business directories.  Directory websites with good reputations are routinely used by business websites so the backlinks acquired through them are a good addition to a ‘natural’ link profile.