[HOW-TO GUIDE] : 5 Easy Steps to Write Valuable Content for Your Business Website

Creating Valuable Content for Your Business Website

Good Quality Content is ESSENTIAL to YOUR BUSINESS and it’s Marketing System.

The idea behind this short guide is to create valuable, educational content for your prospective customers.  Your objectives should be to build your brand and authority by sharing good valuable information, and also to build Custom Audiences via the Facebook tracking Pixel so that we can Re-Target ads to these warm audiences.

  1. Pick an Appropriate Content Style for your Prospective Customer

    • Creating Valuable Content for YouPopular options are: Free Reports, White Papers, Lists, Action Plans, Comparisons and How-To Guides.
    • Think of what content style will connect and resonate best with your Prospect, their objectives and their language.
    • For Example, a How-to Guide is great for a bathroom renovation company, but for a Mortgage Broker a Free Report or List may be better
  2. Give Massive Value Upfront

    • Giving Before Asking – Give them your best knowledge without asking for anything in return.
    • Don’t hold back your best knowledge – you want to impress them massively straight away.
  3. Speak Directly to your Prospect’s Pain Points

    • Address their Issues and Questions, but Not by Selling – by Educating and Informing.
  4. Talk Their Language

    • Avoid Jargon and Use Clarity, Personality and Resonance to connect with your prospects.
    • Avoid Selling and Sales-like calls to action.
  5. Educate, Demonstrate, Inform and Entertain

    • Creating Valuable Content for YouEducation is the primary goal – Decision makers want knowledge.
    • Demonstrate your knowledge – position yourself as an authority in your market by demonstrating what you know.
    • Inform your prospects of new information relevant to THEM.
    • Entertain – If you manage to do the first three then that’s great, but those who manage to do it in an entertaining way will be on a sure-fire winner – Even a little Humour will cut through and remain memorable.
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